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Charlie is currently associate director on the Merry Wives of Windsor at the Folger Theatre in DC.





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Minimalistic Men

'Minimalistic Men' is a one-act play about two roomates.  At the top of the show, one is endowed with the knowledge that he is a character in the play.  After breaking the news to his roommate, the two friends have to make peace that when the lights go out, the play ends.


Spencer Davis' 'Minimalistic Men' was presented by Appetite Theatre at the Live Bait Theatre in October 2011.

Womb of Time

Based on Sonnet #138, this one-act explores whether love withstands the test of time.  Dennis Sook's 'Womb of Time' was presented as part of City Lit Theatre's Festival of Adaptations in June 2012.


More than a twist on the classic tale, this retelling of the traditional favorite A Christmas Carol is a gender-bent modernization.  Droll work-a-holic Eleanor Scrooge is a ruthlessly ambitious Wall Street executive who tempers her yuletide surliness with an insatiable appetite for power. She’s hunkered down in her office on a snowy Christmas Eve, determined to finish a corporate-takeover proposal until three unexpected “advisors” provide her with a new appreciation for the “spirit” of season.  A plucky, colorful ensemble helps her along on her holiday journey.  Humbug is an upbeat and moving adaptation that brings a contemporary flair to Dickens’ Christmas classic.


John Wooten's 'Humbug,' presented by Proud Kate Theatre Project, opened on November 30th at Stage 773.

Loos Ends

Wit rules as classic screen star Paulette Goddard and silent movie author Anita Loos, now in old age, look back on the ghosts and follies of their youth and what led to their big fallout as they wrap up the loose ends of their friendship. Characters include: Charlie Chaplain, Douglas Fairbanks, D.W. Griffith, George Cukor, David O'Selznick, Eric Maria Remarque and George Gershwin among others.


Brenda Kilianski's 'Loos Ends,' presented as a Benefit Concert Reading by Dead Writers Theatre Collective, opened at Stage 773's Cabaret space, beginning July 10th.  

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Resolution by Nancy Nyman and Heather McNama won Pride Films and Plays’ Lezfest 2015 as the audience favorite.  Resolution follows the relationship of Jack, a women living and identifying as a man, and Jack’s wife Hannah during the Christmas of 1892.  This playful, positive and affectionate comedy of manners turns to a story of suspense and consequence when Jack and Hannah’s Maid uncovers Jack’s past.  The modern voice of this period story eliminates the distance between the turn of the century and now.


PFP’s Lezfest produces staged readings of plays that enhance the visibility of women who write plays, screenplays, and teleplays, and that honor excellence in scripts in which lesbian characters and themes - past, present, and future - play a pivotal role.  It was performed on Sunday, September 13 at 5pm at the Hoover-Leppen Theatre of Center.  


This show was performed in the 2015-16 mainstage season at PFP.