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Charlie is currently associate director on the Merry Wives of Windsor at the Folger Theatre in DC.





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"'s Shakespeare as you likely haven't seen it before..." -


A mash-up of the Bards' most classic plot twists - mis-identity, an estranged royal family, fantastical forests, and a wicked stepmother.  But within the fairy tale back drop, Imogen starts to recognize and rebel against the traditions that allow gender disparity and racism, setting a course to reshape her world.  Utilizing shadow puppetry as the feature style, a first for Pointless, Imogen aims to highlight the poetic and contemporary nature of the classic text. Infused with stylized choreography, the story is brought to life in a multidisciplinary exploration of power, gender, and courage.


Washington Post Critics Pick

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Critical Reception:


"In the troupe’s “Imogen,” indelible pictures include the horrible long-fingered intruder invading the title character’s bedroom and the haunting silhouette that Imogen’s faraway lover imagines as he is told lies that stoke his worst fears.  The acting is capable... and the action has flair. “Imogen” finds Pointless branching out and trending up." - Nelson Pressly, Washington Post


"Shakespeare's CYMBELINE may be named for the play's king, but his daughter Imogen is the real star of the tale, the center of the action. Pointless Theatre's original adaptation by playwright-director Charlie Marie McGrath corrects the misnomer in a version entitled IMOGEN, which uses creative choreography and shadow puppetry to captivating effect.  Many elements of the production are light and even cute, but some of the scenes - especially those involving overtones of sexual assault - are downright disturbing in tone, as they should be.  ...IMOGEN is an excellent example of a female character reclaiming her agency and refusing to relinquish it. It reframes a tale that has always focused on a strong woman, but needed adjustments to properly focus on Imogen fighting repression and taking ownership of her story. Pointless Theatre's production does this work justice, and with style." - Barbara Johnson, Broadway


"It’s always a treat to see what Pointless Theatre does with a story, and they rise to new levels with their take on one of Shakespeare’s rambling masterworks. ...Wonderfully adapted by director Charlie Marie McGrath, this original script shifts the focus to Imogen who has so much going on it’s a marvel to witness. ...This small company has found a way to tell the full story in its own way with refreshing and energetic twists, full of creativity and heart. ...Along with shifting the focus to Imogen, what sets this iteration apart are the innovative character renditions."  - Debbie Minter Jackson, DC Theatre Scene


"Adapted by female director Charlie Marie McGrath, “Imogen,” as part of DC’s Women’s Voices Theater Festival, reconfigures Shakespeare’s “Cymbeline” to heighten the formerly-repressed voice of Imogen, the princess daughter of King Cymbeline, wading through a complex journey of self-authenticity... Why should the audience only witness vocalized Shakespearean text when we can relish that text embodied in stylized choreography and shadow imagery that is equally, if not more, poignant? That’s the stuff Pointless Theatre is made of, and it makes for brilliant theatre, as in this deliciously graphic show.  ...A skillful and experienced cast of actors wield remarkable depth and creative interpretation in this show.  The supporting cast of actors create moments of witty comic relief, intense fury, and haunting sadness.  ...Intensity and exaggeration color the technical aspects of this production along with other inventive elements. ...Powerful sequences of stylized choreography and lighting effects, especially in the war scene, penetrate the senses and heighten the emotional story along the scenes..." - Genean Hines Grobe, MD Theatre Guide


"The world of ancient Britain seems to have it out for Imogen – but she doesn’t falter. For the most part, neither does Pointless Theatre’s show, which uses music, puppetry, and gorgeous lighting and costumes to put on a rollicking spectacle helmed by women. It’s a must- see entry in the Women’s Voices Theater Festival.  For centuries, theaters have struggled to stage Cymbeline because its plot hangs by such a thin string of logic. Director (and adapter) Charlie Marie McGrath and her cast overcome that challenge by diving headfirst into the show’s tropes, exaggerating both the silliness and the terror of a country wracked by war. ...The technical elements of Imogen are a small miracle. The seemingly simple set is full of trick panels, which, when backlit, allow actors backstage to hold up puppets and act out dreams or flashbacks. The lighting shifts every time an actor has an aside, which lets the audience get inside each character’s head. Two multi-instrumentalists provide phenomenal live music that provides a backdrop to scenes that are danced out rather than acted (the battle scene in the second half has killer choreography). None of these elements ever feel out of sync or unbalanced. ... Imogen is a romp. It combines stellar performances with energetic puppeteering, dancing, and live music, and provides food for thought on the “right” way (if there is such a thing) to depict a woman’s search for autonomy." - Elizabeth Ballou, DC Metro Arts








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