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Charlie is currently associate director on the Merry Wives of Windsor at the Folger Theatre in DC.





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A slow burn of carnal scheming, Les Liaisons Dangereuses provides a voyeuristic peek into the aristocratic world of two rivals, ex-lovers who use sex as a to amuse themselves and  to control others. This new production from AstonRep Theatre Company creates a playground where the rivals seduce, corrupt and trample the hearts of those around them in a dangerous game.  The show ran May 21-June 21 at the Raven Theatre.


Critical Reception:

  • "AstonRep makes excellent use of an intimate space and a strong ensemble to create a production that is as seductive and heartbreaking as its central characters... The show’s design is exquisite with rich colors and lush fabrics draping both the actors and the set....Strong acting work, guided by director Charlie Marie McGrath, that really fleshes out the characters and demands the audience’s investment in the events onstage."- Jessie Bond, Chicago Splash

  • " the ensemble is solid, with especially affecting performances coming from Ann Marie White [Tourvel] and Tim Larson [Danceny] as two of Valmont and Merteuil's victims." —Albert Williams, The Reader

  • "Director McGrath does a credible job in using the small space of Raven's west theater to advantage. The scene changes on Jeremiah Barr's set are handled deftly. Two sets of curtains screen off the playing space and create a front-of-curtain space for a few scenes, such as the sweet opening scene where Danceny gives a violin lesson to Cecile..." - Nancy Bishop, Gapers Block

Les Liaisons Dangereuses

Photos Courtesy Emily Schwartz