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Charlie is currently associate director on the Merry Wives of Windsor at the Folger Theatre in DC.





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The women of Greece band together to withhold sex in Artistic Director Adam Webster's brisk, contemporary retelling of Aristophanes' anti-war comedy. The Side Project revisits its inaugural 2001 production, just in time for the election cycle. It doesn't take a village, it takes a woman. This new adaptation from The Side Project ran June 23-July 24.


Critical Reception:

  • "Can a comedy from 411 BC be relevant today? When it comes to the battle of the sexes, Aristophanes's play—in which the women famously save Greece by abstaining from sex—proves that it can. the strong cast sustains the power of this 2,500-year-old message: everyone can do something to obtain peace, even if it means doing nothing." RECOMMENDED - A.J. Sørensen, Chicago Reader

  • McGrath's staging starts with a silent series of tableaux, where couples embrace and then part as the soldiers leave for war. Brianna Buckley's Lysistrata then digs through the duffel bag of her slain husband, smelling his clothes as if to find the last fleeting trace of the man she loved. It's powerful stuff, and there's a bit more like that here, including Amanda Forman's formidable turn as the female chorus leader. ...a handful of witty and emotionally rich moments. I particularly enjoyed Christina Renee Jones' turn as a nerdy and insecure woman who finds her own voice coming through as the women's resistance grows. Sadly, there seems to never be an end of wars to protest, and women paying the price on the home front." - Kerry Reid, Chicago Tribune



Photos Courtesy Emily Schwartz