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Charlie is currently associate director on the Merry Wives of Windsor at the Folger Theatre in DC.





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The Ruby Sunrise

A grease-stained tomboy flees from her abusive father to her aunt's barn. With knowledge of electromagnetic radiation gleaned from Popular Mechanics, Ruby creates the first prototype of the television.  Ruby’s invention eventually blows up, and the play flashes from her life in 1927 Indiana to her daughter Lulu’s life in 1952 New York City, the Golden Age of television.  A script coordinator who is putting her mother’s story into a teleplay, Lulu is thwarted when it’s rewritten to suit the standards of the day. The play examines the dashed dreams and tarnished ideals of two generations of spirited Midwestern women.


Rinne Groff's 'The Ruby Sunrise,' presented by Proud Kate Theatre Project, opened on June 8 at the Second Stage.


Critical Reception:

  • "Blomgren’s focus and passion are as electric as Ruby’s infatuation with science, and she shines in the title role. Cindy Henkin shows her chops in two roles: the embittered, alcoholic Lois, and the self-absorbed Ethel, with equal conviction. Dane Halverson plays the naïve Henry in Indiana, and the more callous Paul Benjamin, the actor who plays the role of “Henry,” in New York. Claire Winkleblack, Shane Michael Murphy, and Travis Barnhart inject the piece with the frenetic energy of early TV, and Kelly Amshoff’s performance is at times acrobatic." - JH Palmer, Chicago Theatre Beat