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Charlie is currently associate director on the Merry Wives of Windsor at the Folger Theatre in DC.





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This new adaptation of the beloved Rudyard Kipling story finds a child lost in the jungle, where she is adopted by Baloo the bear, Bagheera the panther, and all the beasts who call the mysterious wilderness home. This athletic and fast-paced adaptation brings Mowgli face-to-face with sneaky monkeys, Kaa the rock snake (realized in this production as an aerial silks artist) and his mortal enemy: the tiger, Shere Khan.


Critical Reception:

"...the audience is immediately drawn into the story of Mowgli, a young “man-cub” lost in the wild and unforgiving jungle. The fast-paced, hour-long production is part storytime and part drama, like a picture book brought to life by the magic of theatre.


...[Baloo] got some of the biggest laughs of the day with his lumbering goofiness. Schoolchildren in the audience were energized by and rooting for him; when Mowgli hid from him around the stage, the audience shouted clues for where to find her.


...[Shere Kahn is] a villain you love to hate, but he manages a glimmer of sympathy when he explains that his dislike for mankind is driven by fear of being injured again by man’s fire.


Perhaps stealing the show, though, is Jennifer Colvin who plays ... Kaa the python... She elicited audible gasps and cheers from the audience as she became the snake by ascending giant swaths of pink silk hanging from the rafters. Her aerial acrobatics are just as mesmerizing as Kaa’s hypnotic gaze.


The costumes/makeup and sets — all locally designed by Brittany Dee Bodley and Stephen Fister, respectively — are exquisite. The costumes, mere suggestions of the characters rather than realistic recreations, are clever and quickly transform for the actors playing multiple characters. The bold colors and textures of the set are candy for the eyes, and the use of the pit as a watering and swimming hole is especially cute." - Abbott Jones, Arts Bham

The Jungle Book

Photos Courtesy Tammy and Lamana Stringfellow